Our projects





Birthing kits for women living in remote villages in Uganda

Every hour 33 women die of complications related to pregnancy and childbirth.
An estimated 385,000 women die annually in childbirth, many from preventable infections. This is due to isolation, cultural choice, poor transport or no assistance during childbirth. By providing a clean birthing kit these mothers will have a much better chance of fighting infection.

For every bracelet sold we will supply a birthing kit for these ladies with a card attached
"sent with love from (your name or business name)"

2.  SISTER 2 SISTER Program Madagascar

Step one is a sanitary pad program supplying fabric pads to girls who otherwise could not attend school.
The girls are given a free pacck of pads in exchange for joining our sewing program where they learn to make a pad for another girl and so on.
Not only are the girls getting a pack of washable pads but learning sewing skills

Step 2:  cooking classes


Step 3:  Education - raising much needed money for fees, uniforms and books.



 Duncan and I went to South Africa to visit our artisans.  Our new project there is Ponieskrantz Arts and Crafts in Pilgrims Rest South Africa.

Pilgrims Rest is a small town with extremely high unemployment.  A friend of ours Sharon started a wonderful training centre for the local artisans for weaving, pottery and glass jewellery.

Ponieskrantz follows the fair trade principles - all artisans are very well cared for.
The beautiful pottery and glass jewellery has been very well received in Australia and more is now in production.


We then left for Madagascar where we visited the school La Maison d'Anina that we support as well as some of our artisans.  We were able to discuss new ideas and products for 2016.

With the school we are helping to ensure all children have a uniform and all the books and textbooks required for their education.

We will be commencing a new project for the school in 2016 - a wind generator system to help get water from the stream to the school which at present has no running water or power.




Our new project is in Kisii, Kenya.
We are able to support 20 families living at Tabaka Chigware Youth Self Help Centre.
By creating employment to these talented artisans they are able to provide shelter, food, water, medications and education to their families.
The families live in their own homes but come together to work and create their beautiful creations.
From purchasing the stone from the quarries, to washing and cleaning it, cutting, carving and decorating - these artisans do it all.  No fancy machines just panga's, and knives.
We are so proud to bring their products to you and help them to make a difference in the lives of their families.




Our candles and Nescycled jewellery is made by Nobunto in Cape Town, South Africa.

Based in the small village Napier, about 180 km east of Cape Town, NOBUNTO has provided employment to mostly woman of the disadvantaged community and guarantees an fair income for our employees. The unemployment rate in the area is in the region of 50%.

The word NOBUNTO comes from the Sotho language, meaning “For the people“




Some of our unique jewellery is made in South Africa  - To support the disabled and create employment  ostrich eggshell beads are purchased from The Association of Physically Disabled workshop in Oudtshoorn.  This jewellery is all fair trade.

Kashae Wings of Hope purchases all our other products from small community groups that practice the fair trade principles.

Our aim is to empower artisans through employment not hand outs - giving them back their dignity and hope.

Thank you for your support.


Duncan and Jeanine